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Solid Ground Riding Programs are designed to meet the needs of riders from all areas of life. These Equine Assisted Adaptive Riding programs to have unique benefits that are derived from the transfer of movement from horse to rider as well as the emotional connection between the two. For people with special physical needs, adaptive riding can be an especially powerful and liberating experience. For people with an interest in mental health, horse-centered therapy can change lives.


A horse’s movement closely resembles the normal gait of a human. Physically, it can elicit specific changes in the rider, and it can also benefit individuals with sensory-integration issues. A smooth-gaited horse can provide the input needed to help a rider establish a rhythm. A rough-gaited horse may provide the stimulation needed to help organize and integrate sensory input. Movement exploration while on the horse can help improve overall body awareness.


The emotional benefits of adaptive riding are abundant and diverse. The primary benefit comes from the relationships that develop among riders, volunteers, horses, and staff. These personal connections foster an environment of unconditional acceptance, which helps riders confront their fears and anxieties and build their self-esteem. For some of our participants, having the chance to develop new skills and bond with our horses in a farm environment helps celebrate their abilities and provide additional opportunities for success.

On an intellectual level, we have found that working with a therapy horse provides many of our riders with the motivation to learn new things. Individuals with learning or cognitive impairments benefit from improved concentration, patience, coping skills, and discipline. Broader educational goals such as letter recognition and sequencing also can be incorporated into equine activities.

2020 Class Schedules

Spring Sessions: Stay Tuned – Will be announced soon.

Summer Sessions: Stay Tuned – Will be announced soon.

Fall Sessions: Stay Tuned – Will be announced soon.

Current Programs

Equine-Assisted Learning

Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities.

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding program teaches horseback-riding skills while using therapeutic activities. These lessons are designed specifically for riders with physical and cognitive disabilities, and the best part is, they are fun for everyone involved!

Summer Activities

Throughout the summer, Solid Ground offers many activities and events. These are activities range for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Check out our Summer Activities page for more information and scheduled events.

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